spectroscopyx.test(package=None, test_path=None, args=None, plugins=None, verbose=False, pastebin=None, remote_data=False, pep8=False, pdb=False, coverage=False, open_files=False, **kwargs)

Run the tests using py.test. A proper set of arguments is constructed and passed to pytest.main.

  • package (str, optional) – The name of a specific package to test, e.g. ‘io.fits’ or ‘utils’. If nothing is specified all default tests are run.

  • test_path (str, optional) – Specify location to test by path. May be a single file or directory. Must be specified absolutely or relative to the calling directory.

  • args (str, optional) – Additional arguments to be passed to pytest.main in the args keyword argument.

  • plugins (list, optional) – Plugins to be passed to pytest.main in the plugins keyword argument.

  • verbose (bool, optional) – Convenience option to turn on verbose output from py.test. Passing True is the same as specifying '-v' in args.

  • pastebin ({'failed','all',None}, optional) – Convenience option for turning on py.test pastebin output. Set to 'failed' to upload info for failed tests, or 'all' to upload info for all tests.

  • remote_data (bool, optional) – Controls whether to run tests marked with @remote_data. These tests use online data and are not run by default. Set to True to run these tests.

  • pep8 (bool, optional) – Turn on PEP8 checking via the pytest-pep8 plugin and disable normal tests. Same as specifying '--pep8 -k pep8' in args.

  • pdb (bool, optional) – Turn on PDB post-mortem analysis for failing tests. Same as specifying '--pdb' in args.

  • coverage (bool, optional) – Generate a test coverage report. The result will be placed in the directory htmlcov.

  • open_files (bool, optional) – Fail when any tests leave files open. Off by default, because this adds extra run time to the test suite. Requires the psutil package.

  • parallel (int, optional) – When provided, run the tests in parallel on the specified number of CPUs. If parallel is negative, it will use the all the cores on the machine. Requires the pytest-xdist plugin installed. Only available when using Astropy 0.3 or later.

  • kwargs – Any additional keywords passed into this function will be passed on to the astropy test runner. This allows use of test-related functionality implemented in later versions of astropy without explicitly updating the package template.